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Next up on here, I’m looking forward to doing one of my favorites, nakládaný hermelín cheese, which isn’t in the cookbook because few people make it at home. However, hermelín is one of the major food groups in Czech snacking, along with beer and rolls, and is pub food at its finest.

To pickle hermelín cheese, you slice rounds of this cheese, the Czech camembert, into horizontal slices and then pack them into a jar with sliced onions, green and red peppers (even chiles, if you like), bay leaves, pepper, and garlic. Then you drench everything in oil (vegetable or olive) and let it marinate for a day or two–or for longer if refrigerated. Served with slices of bread and beer, it’s a heady mix of spices and creamy cheese. My favorite place in Prague for nakládaný hermelín is the Týnská literary cafe, just behind Týn Cathedral in Old Town Square.

After the cheese detour, we’ll plunge back into the realm of family recipes with soup. Indian Summer in New York is fading!