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This is a tiny digression from family recipes, but it’s too good to pass up!

Between a toy store and the cheerful Řehoř Samsa cafe in Prague’s Lucerna passageway lies a forbidding closet of a bar. With its cramped depths and (appropriately) volcanic-red lighting, Bar Ignis is hardly welcoming, unless you’re down on your luck–but it does have the most entertaining menu board I’ve ever seen. Clearly, there’s a frustrated novelist or poet with a warped sense of humor buried back there, somewhere…

Hungry? Eat, for Pete’s sake!*
Hot game sausage –>photo of the animal available
Homemade hot dog –>only in Ignis
Pickled hermelin cheese optimist or pessimist**
Brussels pâté with cranberries
Black Forest ham
Bread with fat and cracklings
Bread with fat spread
Wine from the casket
Rosé served with a strawberry
Champagne served with a strawberry : 2 dl Kč 78 [6 3/4 oz.; ~$4.60]
Sangria with melon
Retsina Greek wine
Red wine: 2 dl Kč 49 [6 3/4 oz.; ~$2.90]
Merlot (late harvest)
Cabernet Sauvignon

*In Czech, this rhymes and sounds a lot snappier.

**No idea what the “optimist or pessimist” part means (but hermelin cheese is the Czech version of Camembert, and is insanely good).


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